The Importance Of Temperature

Roses in a Crystal Vase, 12 x 12, Oil I


Roses in a Crystal Vase, 12 x 12, Oil II

One of the aspects of color is temperature, the others being hue, value and intensity. Generally the darker colors, violet through green on the color wheel are cool and the colors red through yellow green are warm. I recently set up this still life of roses from my yard in a crystal vase on a white table cloth. The original painting is the first one. Everything in the painting is cool except for the roses and one yellow green leaf. Looking at it for awhile I thought it needed some warmth. I mixed a little cadmium yellow light with white to give a pale yellow table cloth.This warmed up the painting considerably. Also the yellow table cloth and the violet crystal vase are compliments on the color wheel so go well together. The blue background and the orange-pink roses are also compliments on the color wheel and go well together.

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