Oh the Sunflowers

Last weeks plein air still life was more of Johanna Chase pottery, a piece of Roseville pottery (green pinecone) and beautiful sunflowers. My palette is Cadmium red light, phthalo blue, Cadmium yellow light and Titanium white.

“Oh the Sunflowers”, 16 x 20, Oil#Sunflowers#JohannaChase#RosevillePinecone

Apples and Tea Pot

Well last weeks plein air still life is painting of apples and a beautiful tea pot made by potter Johanna Chase. Here in Northern California it is apple season so I bought some and set a up a still life with a table cloth, apples and a tea pot. I had Johanna Chase’s work in my gallery in Bradford, Vermont. I closed my gallery in 2014. It was 108 degrees on Friday when we painted this. My palette is Phthalo blue, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light and titanium white.

Apples and Tea Pot, 16 x 12, Oil #Johanna Chase#TeaPot#Ceramics

Final Painting of Noto, Sicily

Here is the final painting of Noto.

Noto, Sicily, 12 x 9, oil on canvas#Noto#Sicily#Baroque architecture

Final Painting of Sonoma County Beach

Sonoma County Beach, 18 x 24, oil

This is the painting I finished from my last blog. I took out the person sitting behind the two mothers as the mothers are the heroes of the painting. I also didn’t paint any buildings up on the bluffs as it was enough with the bluffs and the figures. My palette for this painting is blue violet, red violet, yellow green and yellow orange. Its another one of John Phototschnick’s rectangular quadratic palettes.#Beach, #Sonoma County #mothers#children#oil painting

Final Painting of Provincetown

I have been painting a lot so sorry this took so long to post. I also look at paintings a few days after they are done to see if anything should be changed.

Provincetown, 12 x 9, oil

My palette is blue, red, orange and green. #Provincetown#Cape Cod#New England