Final Painting of Truchas, New Mexico and my palette

Here is my final painting of Truchas, NM. My palette is below and it is another rectangular quadratic from John Phototschnick’s book, Limited Palette Unlimited Color. The colors are Blue Green, Blue Violet, Yellow Orange and Red Orange plus Titanium White. I mixed the four colors from my Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Light and then I mixed a lighter version of each color and then even a lighter version of each color. #New Mexico#Truchas#farms#mountains


I have painted from this photo before and it is on my architecture page of paintings but I am not happy with it so thought I would paint it again. Provincetown is a beautiful New England town at the end of Cape Cod. Below is the photo and then my acrylic rendition. My next post will have my palette and my oil painted painting. My process is to really draw it well before I start with my oils. I paint with three colors plus white. The three colors are Ultramarine blue, Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Light and I use Gamblin Paint.

Provincetown Photo

Final Painting for Sun Room at the Cape

Here is the final painting of “Sun Room at the Cape”, 16 x 12, oil. I posted the acrylic painting of this in the last post. Also here is the palette that I used for this painting. It is a rectangular quadratic from John Pototschnick’s book, “Limited Palette Unlimited Color”.

The colors are Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, green and orange. I mixed the green from the UM Blue and Cadmium Yellow Light and I mixed the Orange from Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Light. I then mixed a lighter color of each of those with white and then even a lighter color of those four with more white. #Interiors#Sun room#Cape Cod#furniture
Palette for the Sun Room

View of Italy

I took this photo in November of 2018 in Castelmola, Sicily and it is a view of the toe of the Italian Peninsula across the Ionian Sea from Sicily so I thought I would try and paint it.
So here is my acrylic painting of this photo using the complimentary colors of the actual colors. All the green areas are painted red, the blue areas are painted orange and violet areas are painted yellow. Orange areas are painted blue.

Castelmola, Sicily

I have finished the painting that I have been discussing on my blog. It was from a photo that I took in Sicily in November of 2018. If you look at my first three blog posts, I describe how I painted this 12 x 9 oil painting. #Sicily#Castelmola#mountains#Ionian Sea

oil painting of Castelmola, Sicily

I used a rectangular quadratic color scheme from the book “Limited Palette Unlimited Color”. Its a four color scheme plus white. There are the two primary colors, Cadmium Yellow light and Ultramarine Blue and two secondary colors, Orange and Violet. I mixed the orange using the cadmium yellow light and alizarin crimson. I mixed the violet using the ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson. I was able to mix all the greens with the cadmium yellow light and ultramarine blue.

I used just three tubes of paint plus white. Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine blue and Cadmium yellow light. I use Titanium white to get the right value of the color. In the book there are 46 color schemes and I have tried 24 of them. This is one of my favorite schemes as you can mix all the greens.

Painting of Sicily

Today I used my original acrylic painting to make a detailed drawing of the main shapes in the photograph, using violet paint that I mixed with my oils: alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue. As you can see I made the distant mountains smaller. I divided the foliage on the left side into areas where different types of trees and cacti are growing. I defined the buildings.

The next photo is the painting. The big blocks of color are done with large brush strokes and at this stage I am trying to get the color values correct. Now I will look at the painting over the next few days and will further refine it. I actually love the sky the way it is so probably won’t do anything to change that.

I use three colors plus white: Cadmium yellow light, Alizarin Crimson and ultramarine blue. I use Gamblin paint. These colors are the primary colors and all colors can be mixed from them. In John Pototschnick’s book, Limited Palette Unlimited Color, he describes 46 different palettes using the three primary colors. There are 6 two color plus white palettes, 16 three color plus white palettes, 9 four color plus white palettes, 12 five color plus white palettes and 3 seven color plus white palettes. In this painting I used one of his four color plus white palettes. In my next blog I will show the final painting and describe my palette for this painting.