Noto, Sicily

In November of 2018 I traveled to Sicily to plein air paint and on a trip to Noto and Siracusa I took this photo. In 1693 the town of Noto was totally destroyed by a massive earthquake. It was rebuilt in the early 1700’s in the baroque style five miles from the original location of the town.

Here is my acrylic rendition of the photo and my palette.

Sonoma County Barn

Sonoma County Barn, 9 x 12, oil#sonoma county#barn

Here’s my final painting for the Sonoma County Barn which I posted today on my website. I forgot to take a pic of the acrylic painting I did before I painted with the oil. My palette is Blue, red, green and orange which is a palette I have use before and love. It’s a rectangular quadratic from John Photoschnick’s book Limited Palette Unlimited Color. Below is the photo I took.

Final Painting of Sonoma County Beach

Sonoma County Beach, 18 x 24, oil

This is the painting I finished from my last blog. I took out the person sitting behind the two mothers as the mothers are the heroes of the painting. I also didn’t paint any buildings up on the bluffs as it was enough with the bluffs and the figures. My palette for this painting is blue violet, red violet, yellow green and yellow orange. Its another one of John Phototschnick’s rectangular quadratic palettes.#Beach, #Sonoma County #mothers#children#oil painting

Sonoma County Beach

A photo I took at Dillon Beach in Sonoma County of two mothers with their children.

This is my acrylic painting of the photo. I made the two mothers bigger and moved them towards the front of the painting. I didn’t put a lot of the other figures in since the mothers are so compelling. #mothers,#beach,#Sonoma County.

Sunset at the Tetons

In the fall of 2018 I traveled to the Tetons and Yellowstone. We stayed at Colter Bay which is a small bay off of Jackson Lake. This was a dramatic sunset one September night. I was afraid to try and paint it thinking it would be too hard, sky, reflections, mountains and boats. After I finished my Truchas painting I had a lot paint left on my palette so I thought I would paint something that I didn’t pre paint or draw. Below is the photo and the painting.

Sunset at the Tetons on Colter Bay, 14 x 11, oil

My palette for this painting is blue violet, blue green, yellow orange and red orange. #tetons#mountains#sunset#boats#reflections

Final Painting of Truchas, New Mexico and my palette

Here is my final painting of Truchas, NM. My palette is below and it is another rectangular quadratic from John Phototschnick’s book, Limited Palette Unlimited Color. The colors are Blue Green, Blue Violet, Yellow Orange and Red Orange plus Titanium White. I mixed the four colors from my Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Light and then I mixed a lighter version of each color and then even a lighter version of each color. #New Mexico#Truchas#farms#mountains