River Front Cafe, Petaluma

River Front Cafe, Petaluma, 18 x 14, Oil

Petaluma, CA has many interesting old industrial buildings, many of which have been converted to restaurants and shops. This building is one of those and is located on the very end of the San Francisco Bay so a picturesque setting. My palette for this painting is Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow light and Titanium White. I use Gamblin Oil paint. This was a difficult plein air painting as there were so many planes and features but I think it came out nicely.

Sonoma Stream

Sonoma Stream, 16 x 12, Oil

A recent plein painting painted in the town of Sonoma, Ca. My palette is Cadmium red light, Cobalt blue, Cadmium yellow light and Titanium White. A gorgeous day of painting with my friend of this beautiful little stream on a large dairy farm in Sonoma.

Mayacamas Mountains

Mayacamas Mountains, 16 x 12, Oil

Last weeks plein air of the beautiful Mayacamas Mountains here in Sebastopol, CA. I used my usual palette of cobalt blue, Cadmium red light, Cadmium yellow light and Titanium white but I mixed these colors to get a new analogous palette of Violet, red violet, red, red orange and orange. You can paint anything any color as long as you have the right value. I was sick of having so much green in my spring paintings here so decided to try a different palette. Isn’t it interesting to have this palette? It changes the mood of the painting.

Laguna de Santa Rosa

“Laguna de Santa Rosa”, 16 x 20, Oil#SonomaCounty#LagunadeSantaRosa

I actually painted this from a photo that I took the day before. Weather was good that day but not good on our usual plein air painting day of Friday. Its along Schoolhouse Road between Analy High School and Occidental Road here in Sebastopol, CA. There is a large dairy farm on the road and lots of fields with cows along the Laguna de Santa Rosa. My palette for this painting is phthalo blue, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium red light and Titanium white. I use Gamblin oil paint and mix all of my colors with the three colors.

The Mustard

“The Mustard”, 20 x 16, Oil#SonomaCounty#Spring

A couple of weeks ago we plein air painted on the corner of Occidental Road and Sanford Road here in Sebastopol, CA. The mustard fields were in full bloom and here is my interpretation of them and this beautiful farm at the top of the hill with mountains in the background. My palette for this painting is Cobalt blue, Cadmium yellow light, Napthol red and Titanium White. I use Gamblin oil paints. It was a spectacular warm day here in March.

Call of the Wild

“Call of the Wild”, 14 x 18, Oil#JackLondonStatePark#JackLondonCottage

We painted plein air at the Jack London State Park in Sonoma County last Saturday. This is the cottage on his estate and the place he passed away at the age of 40 in 1916. Its a beautiful park and we are intending to paint again there as there are many beautiful views there. My palette for this painting is cobalt blue, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light and titanium white. I just loved the cottage and the huge wild tree next to it. I feel I captured the spirit of Jack London and his place.

Winter in Vermont

“Winter in Vermont”, 16 x 12, Oil#Vermont#VermontWinter#CorinthVermont

We had to paint a winter painting for my AWS art group here in Sebastopol. Well winter in Sonoma County is to me not really winter so painted this from a photo I took forty years ago in Corinth, Vermont of my 97 acre farm. The photo was taken in March as we had winter from November through April up on that hill. My palette is cobalt blue, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light and titanium white. I lived in Vermont for forty five years. It is beautiful there but there are six months of winter. Its great if you like to ski.

View of Sonoma County

Last weeks plein air painting was done at the Vintage Gardens Rose Nursery where they have four thousand antique rose varieties. It is February so nothing was in bloom so I decided to paint the view from the nursery which includes Mt. St. Helena. My palette for this painting is cobalt blue, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light and titanium white.

“View of Sonoma County”, 16 x 20, Oil

Graton Farm

I live in Sebastopol but near the small beautiful town of Graton, CA. On my walks I go past this beautiful farm which faces west so you see the coastal Northern California mountains. My palette is Cobalt blue, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Light and Titanium White. I use Gamblin Oil paint and mix all my colors from these four tubes of paint. I painted this plein air two weeks ago and the owners of the property were very gracious to let me and my small group paint at their place.

“Graton Farm”, 16 x 20, Oil #Graton, CA