Sebastopol Vineyards

“Sebastopol Vineyards”, 36 x 24, Oil #SonomaCounty #Vineyards #PleinAir

Recently I have been in the Vineyards here in Sebastopol capturing them in their beautiful fall colors and doing very large plein air paintings which is very challenging especially in this long format. I have to adjust my easel so the bottom of the painting is almost on the ground and therefore I can work on the top of the painting. Then I can move the painting up to paint the rest of it. I use Gamblin Oil paint and my palette for this painting was cobalt Blue, Cadmium Red medium, Cadmium Yellow Light and Titanium White. I mix all my colors and I used very large brushes to be able to paint such a large canvas in a couple of hours. Of course I worked on it in my studio at home later.

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